Get on Canada's largest LTE network.

LTE, the fastest speeds available.

LTE is the gold standard for wireless technology and Bell's LTE network now reaches over 93% of Canadians from Coast to Coast. Everything you do using a Bell LTE mobile device on the Bell LTE network, from watching videos to running business applications, will be faster and better. The 4G LTE network currently provides peak download speeds of up to 75 Mbps in some areas (expected average download speeds: 12-25 Mbps), up to 110 Mbps (expected average download speeds: 12-36 Mbps) in other areas and 150 Mbps at certain locations (expected average download speeds: 12-40 Mbps).


In 2015, we launched LTE Advanced, the next evolution of wireless technology, in select communities in Canada (including Toronto, Fredericton, Sydney, Charlottetown and Halifax). LTE Advanced will now allow for theoretical peak download speeds of up to 220 Mbps (expected average download speeds 12Mbps - 60Mbps) when required on the next generation of compatible “CAT 6” devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9.

  • Launched 2005 Up to

    3 Mbps

  • Launched 2009 Up to

    21 Mbps

  • Launched 2010 Up to

    42 Mbps

  • Launched 2011 Up to

    75 Mbps

  • Launched 2012 Up to

    150 Mbps

  • Launched 2015 Up to

    220 Mbps

Your superphone deserves the largest LTE network.

With Bell’s amazing selection of superphones, you have powerful processors, vibrant HD screens, live Mobile TV, and blazing-fast speeds at your fingertips. And to get the most out of a superphone, give it the network it deserves: Canada’s largest LTE network, so you can surf, stream, post and download faster than ever before.

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LTE speeds.

Experience extraordinary LTE speeds on your laptop with the 4G LTE Turbo Sticks, or on any Wi-Fi device with the 4G LTE Hotspot.

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The Bell network. Always getting faster, stronger and larger.

LTE is the gold standard in wireless technology delivering the fastest speeds available. We’re continually working to bring you faster speeds, stronger signal in more places and the largest coverage. In fact Bell gives you access to the largest LTE, 4G and Wi-Fi networks across Canada.

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