Get on Canada's largest LTE network.

LTE Advanced, the world's fastest mobile technology

Bell's LTE network now reaches over 31 million Canadians from Coast to Coast and we continue to invest in our networks.

In February 2015, we launched LTE Advanced, the world's fastest most advanced wireless technology, in select communities in Canada. It enabled customers with compatible devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 to access theoretical peak download speeds of 260 (expected average download speeds 18 Mbps - 74 Mbps). And in August 2015 we deployed the next generation of LTE Advanced in select communities enabling speeds of up to 335 Mbps (expected average download speeds of 25-100 Mbps)1. Bell customers with the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ are the first in North America to benefit from next generation LTE Advanced, the fastest mobile network technology available. This means you'll be able to browse web pages and download large files faster, stream video more steadily and play graphic-intense multiplayer games.

  • Launched
    2005 Up to

    3 Mbps

  • Launched
    2009 Up to

    21 Mbps

  • Launched
    2010 Up to

    42 Mbps

  • Launched
    2011 Up to

    75 Mbps

  • Launched
    2012 Up to

    150 Mbps

  • Launched
    2015 Up to

    260 Mbps

  • Launched
    August 2015 Up to

    335 Mbps

Bell's peak network speeds are now over 7 times faster than they were in 2010.

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